Where Darkness Lives by Alexandra Ivy

Where Darkness Lives (Guardians of Eternity, #7.75) by Alexandra Ivy CHAPTER 1 Sophia was a female who took pride in being idolized by her fellow pure-blooded Weres. Why shouldn’t they worship her? Not only had she managed to produce a litter of four healthy daughters during a time when the Weres were hovering on the brink of extinction, but one daughter, Darcy, had managed to mate with Styx, the King of all Vampires, while another daughter, Regan, had wed Styx’s most trusted vampire guard, Jagr, and a third, Harley, had landed Salvatore as a mate, the current King of Weres. She was literally choking on royal sons-in-law. And if that wasn’t enough, her fourth daughter, Cassandra, had been revealed as a prophet, the rarest of all creatures. Although she was currently missing, dammit to hell. Sophia took equal pride in her reputation as being the “bitch of all bitches.” It was a reputation she’d worked hard to earn and the primary reason why she’d hesitated before she’d returned to Chicago to purchase the sprawling brick house in the chi-chi neighborhood near the shores of Lake Michigan. She didn’t want anyone thinking
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