Vampire World III: Bloodwars by Brian Lumley

Vampire World III: Bloodwars (Necroscope #8) by Brian Lumley PART ONE Earth I Outside, Inside Returning from an early lunch at an Indian restaurant just a five-minute walk away from E-Branch HQ in the heart of London, Ben Trask sweated inside and out. Inside, from the curry which was still searing his mouth and throat; outside, from the unusually warm May weather. The noonday sun blazed down on him from a sky as vast and blue as the Ionian which he hoped his visitor from another world was enjoying, because Trask sure as hell was not! In fact, ever since Zek Foener and Nathan Kiklu (or Nathan 'Keogh', as the Necroscope preferred to be called now) had gone off to the Greek Islands a few days ago, Trask had been right out of sorts with himself, and with everyone else in his top-secret ESPionage organization. He thought about the two, worried about them equally ... but for different reasons. About Nathan, because he was probably the most valuable and certainly the most -what, unique? - man in the world; even in two worlds. And about Zek, because he loved her. At his age (Trask snorted), finally to have fallen in love! Not that he was ancient, and he certainly wasn't
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