The Heart of Coaching: Using Transformational Coaching to Create a High-performance Coaching Culture by Thomas G. Crane

This book is destined to make an impact on the leadership styles and cultures of the
leaders who read and apply this transformational approach. It will be an invaluable
investment in developing contemporary leadership competencies in leading the three
different generations working side-by-side in our organizations. Connecting with people
to discover what makes them "tick" is a rich and underdeveloped source of genuine
influence and power. Transformational Coaching provides the framework for creating this
deeper level of trust and mutual support.

From the Author

In the years I have worked with leaders and their teams to create high-performance, no
leaders have been more powerful and effective with people than the ones who have decided
to become a coach. Shifting both mindset and skillset from being "The Boss" to being "The
Coach" is one of the most powerful transformations a leader can make as they develop
their capacity to lead.

THE BOSS pushes people for results, THE COACH lifts people to higher level of performance;
THE BOSS tells people what to do, THE COACH asks questions to see what people feel should
be done; THE BOSS unwittingly triggers insecurity, THE COACH consciously triggers
creativity; THE BOSS knows the answers, THE COACH seeks the answers; THE BOSS wants to
achieve compliance, THE COACH inspires commitment; THE BOSS is focused only on results,
THE COACH balances focus on process and performance; THE BOSS tries to get the most from
people, THE COACH works to get the best from people.

About the Author

Tom Crane, M.B.A., is an experienced OD consultant and facilitator who specializes in
working with leaders and their teams to build "feedback-rich" cultures that create and
sustain true "high-performance." His passion is in sharing the Transformational Coaching
process as contemporary applied leadership.

For over 15 years, Tom has worked nationally and internationally with Fortune 1000, small
entrepreneurial, non-profit, and government organizations in orchestrating strategic
change to optimize performance.

Crane Consulting offers a broad range of experientially-based consulting services
including vision and value-based culture change, leadership development processes,
coaching workshops, 360 feedback, teambuilding, and group facilitation.

Clients include: AES Corporation, BP, CBS, Columbia University, Duty Free International,
Dynegy, ENRON, Florida Power & Light, Hilton, HOST PRO, Josephthal, Marriott,,
KPMG, Los Alamos Labs, Shell, Times Mirror, United Airlines, Qualcomm, Verizon, and

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