The Devil's Kiss by Stacey Kennedy

The Devil's Kiss (Magical Sword #3) by Stacey Kennedy Chapter One The warm water wrapped around me in a total sense of relaxation as I leaned back into my antique claw-foot bathtub. I sighed in complete and utter surrender as every muscle in my body gave way to the heated comfort. It felt good to be home. Not that two weeks in the Phi Phi Islands wasn’t something I could get used to with its limestone cliffs and crystal blue water. However, home was the Otherworld and it was nice to be back. When the bathroom door clicked open, I didn’t even have it in me to open my eyes. Kyden’s sweet musky scent swirled around me. When he ran his fingers lightly down the middle of my chest, desire stole the tranquility. “Looks relaxing,” Kyden purred. “It is.” I smiled, and cracked an eye open to see my sexy beast of a Guardian. Months we’ve been together and I still drooled over him. How could I not? With his damn perfect body, those yummy sculpted muscles, square chin, mesmerizing green eyes and strength that oozed from him. Ooohh yes, he was all mine. My breath came soft through my lips before I finally asked, “Wanna join me?&rdquo
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