The Complete Canadian Small Business Guide by Douglas A. Gray

It's not easy to start or to run a small business. According to the authors of The Complete Canadian Small Business Guide, "four out of five small businesses cease to operate within three to five years of start-up." Hence the need for a comprehensive compendium of practical information so that you can be one of the few entrepreneurs who make it. Weighing in at more than 600 pages, the Guide covers tactics and strategies for just about every eventuality you might face, from financing to interior decorating. (And because Douglas Gray, who has written 17 other books about small business, is a lawyer, the legal aspects of entrepreneurship are especially well covered.) Each of the 21 chapters is organized with headings, sub-headings, and bullet points--so, while it's not the sort of book to read cover to cover, it is a valuable reference as you face the various issues that confront a small businessperson.

The Guide is generous in providing 36 charts, checklists, and forms you might need: letters to collect bad debts, a sample business plan, and a balance sheet. It also supplies plenty of other resources, Web sites, and an exhaustive glossary. The challenges in running a small business are daunting. At those moments when you feel there is nowhere to turn for help, this comprehensive reference can provide the answers. --Edward Trapunski

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