Some Lycan Hot by Michele Bardsley

Some Lycan Hot (Broken Heart #10) by Michele Bardsley PROLOGUE “DAMIAN, CROWN PRINCE of lycanthropes and his mate. You do us a great honor.” Sitting in an oversized red-velvet wingback—Alaya Bennington waited. Her dress was more elaborate than those worn by the acolytes, a privilege of her rank as high priestess of the Moon Goddess. She also wore a long black veil, which hid her identity, and the face marred by fire. Even though she had received signs that the king of lycans and his queen would visit, she felt less like the high priestess and more like the girl she’d been so long ago. She’d grown up with the royal lycans, and had been a loyal friend. She missed them. Missed them all. But only one brought the ache to her heart and the tears to her eyes. Darrius. Was he okay? Had he found love? Was he a husband, a father? “You are the high priestess?” asked Damian. “I am.” She rose and an executed a graceful curtsey. “Your Highnesses.” Kelsey offered her a warm smile. Damian stared at her, his confused expression melding into shocked realization. “Alaya?” he choked out. Damn. She should&rsquo
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