Ruinair by Paul Kilduff

Kilduff travels on a cheap Irish airline led by a self-proclaimed 'obnoxious little bollocks', that flies from A to somewhere remotely near B, weighs baggage as if it was gold, charges passengers to check-in or to use a wheelchair, sells them hangover cures and scratch cards, lands its aircraft at the wrong airport and doesn't even care if Kilduff shows up. And his advice to fellow travellers in what is perhaps the ultimate airport holiday read? 'Don't get mad, get even -- get a one cent airline ticket!'

Praise for Ruinair 'Humorous, witty and evocative...every bit as good as McCarthy's bar' Evening Echo

'Our view of thebooks that have been published to date is one of total indifference' A Ruinair Spokesman

'I hope we will have the pleasure of welcoming you on many more low cost, on-time flights and that you will continue with your wonderful writing, which helps keep us entertained and spreads the gospel of our lowest fares across Europe' Ruinair Customer Service Department

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