Necroscope: The Touch by Brian Lumley

Necroscope: The Touch (Necroscope #15) by Brian Lumley PROLOGUE It was a transit hotel, ten minutes off the M25 and twenty from Gatwick Airport. Ideally situated, it was used by air crews and passengers alike as a sojourn and watering hole before, between, and after flights,- a busy place usually. But at 4:30 on a misty November morning, normally it would be fairly quiet. Not now, however, for the crying of a child-its piteous wailing and intermittent shrieking from one of the rooms-had warranted the night security officer's investigation. Following which, and despite that he was in shock, shaken to his roots by what he'd discovered, he hadn't been able to get to a telephone quickly enough. Inspector George Samuels of the Metropolitan Police-twenty-seven years old, seventy inches tall, raven-haired, with large ears, piercing grey eyes, and a small cynical mouth,- a man who preferred wearing his uniform to casual "civilian" trappings-was referred to caustically by his fellow officers as "a highflyer" and "something of a whizz kid," if not in the detection of crime. His father had "connections," and it was an accepted fact tha
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