Necroscope: Avengers by Brian Lumley

Necroscope: Avengers (Necroscope #13) by Brian Lumley 1 THE SUN, THE SEA, AND THE DRIFTING DOOM At some 35,000 tons and just over 700 feet from stem to stern, the Evening Star was a Mediterranean cruise ship without peer. Her eight public decks were all served by elevators, and with her casino, gymnasium, outdoor pools, bars, gift shops, sports deck - all the usual amenities - the Star was the pride of her line. Of an evening, her 1,400 plus passengers could choose to relax in the Moulin Rouge lounge or the All That Jazz show bar, dance the night away in the Sierra Ballroom, or simply sit and be serenaded, watching the sunset from the panoramic sun deck. This being the Star's last voyage of the season, however, last night had been a little different. A mid-cruise 'extravaganza', the extra glitz of its shows . . . and its grand finale - a fireworks display from the stern, lighting the Aegean sky with dazzling spirals and brilliant, thunderclap bomb-bursts - had been one of the highlights of the voyage: the locals ashore in Mytilene on the island of Lesbos had enjoyed it as much as the passengers aboard had. Add to this cuisine straight out of a gourmet's dream
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