Journey Through Europe by John Hillaby

From the front-inside of the dustwrapper:

“… After his walk through Britain the author felt the need to accept an even greater challenge and chose to walk through Europe, from the North Sea to the Meditteranean, the subject of this book. Published as it is in the tear that Great Britain joins the Common market, it gives the English reader a feel of the texture of life and the smell of the earth on the Continent.

A wider range of culture and life-style was naturally encountered by the author on this walk than on any other previous one, and the clash of modern inductrail society and the more ancient, dark and deeply embedded patterns of life have never been more vividly described. As he walks, John Hillaby’s ever-alert mind ranges over a broad spectrum of subjects from pre-history, botany and archaeology to the problems of conservation which have at last become a focus of world attention.

But this is a practical book, as well as a poetical one, from a man who wants as many as possible to enjoy the pleasures of walking. His advice to long-distance walkers is: ‘If you’re reasonably fit and enjoy what you’re doing you can walk almost anywhere. But it’s necessary to be completely self-contained, to be able to stop and if necessary camp out for a day or two in bad weather. Mental fatigue can be more insidious than physical exertion. It’s vital always to have something stimulating and entertaining to think about – biology, the habits of plants, birds and animals, to be able to take an interest in geology, archaeology, that is, how things got to be the way they are.’ ”

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