Ford: The Men and the Machine by Robert Lacey

Spanning more than a hundred years and four generations, the story of Henry Ford, the automobile company he created, and the dynasty he founded is one of the great dramas of our time, yet never before has it been told from beginning to end in all its richness. Now Robert Lacey has captured in one volume the public achievements and the private tragedies, the feuds, affairs, and personalities that make up this epic tale.

Ford is above all the story of a handful of powerful individuals whose ambitions have helped shape modern American society:

Henry Ford I, the founder, one of history's great figures, whose legendary achievements - the Model T, the moving assembly line, the Five Dollar Day, the Peace Ship - and down-home folk wisdom are recounted in school civics courses. Here for the first time Lacey reveals the extraordinarily complex and contradictory man behind the public icon Henry Ford was at once a dedicated pacifist and a war profiteer; a champion of the rights of minorities and a virulent anti-Semite; a dedicated family man who supported a mistress and an illegitimate son; a loving father who hounded and bullied his only legitimate son into
an early grave.

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