Feet of Clay: On Foot Through Australia by Ffyona Campbell

Ffyona Campbell was thirteen when she first dreamed of walking around the world. At sixteen she walked from John O'Groats to Land's End; at eighteen she walked 3,500 miles from New York to Los Angeles; at twenty-one she broke the men's world record by walking 3,200 miles from Sydney to Perth in ninety-five days. In April 1991 she began her monumental 10,555-mile trek from Cape Town to Tangiers, the penultimate leg in her round-the-world hike.

Related with frankness and intimacy, this is the story of a wilfully independent young woman's journey across Australia. Traversing some of the toughest country in the world, whe endures dehydration, tarmac-melting heat, and blisters that outnumber the flies. Her money runs out and her relationship with her back-up driver alternately sustains and devastates her. Not only a compelling adventure, "Feet of Clay" is the realisation of a dream...

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