Buying Trouble by Karen Chance

Buying Trouble (Dorina Basarab #1.1) by Karen Chance Chapter 1 I saw him across the crowded room. He was standing behind a couple of werewolves and a large troll. One of the Weres was knocking snow off his boots while the other attempted to hand his overcoat to the troll, who was serving as greeter. Since in troll terms that involved stomping on potential troublemakers before they got in the door, then throwing them out on their asses, he wasn't getting very far. The Weres finally figured that out and walked away grumbling. The other new arrival kept his floor-length cloak on. Of course, he probably had more than one reason for that. The hood was up, so I couldn't see his face, but from underneath the cape spilled a faint nimbus of gold. There aren't too many creatures who cast light shadows, and of those, only one would have any reason to be visiting Brooklyn's seediest occult auction house. He wasn't here to shop. He was here for me. I whirled and started for the door to the employees-only area, but a large body in a too-small tux blocked my way. "Claire." "Matt." I tried to move around him, but he managed to entirely fill the doorw
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