Bless the Beauty by Stacey Kennedy

Bless the Beauty (Special Agent Fang #1) by Stacey Kennedy Chapter One The warm salty rush poured through my mouth as my fangs retracted back into my gums. An explosion of energy coursed through my veins, as it always did after I drank a mortal’s blood. With my need met, I licked the wound along Chase’s warm neck, lowered my head back onto the pillow, and met the gaze of the luscious man above me. Chase’s short blond hair and deep blue eyes more than appealed to me. Nothing about him was unattractive—right down to his succulent body defined by sculpted muscles. He was a splendid display of delicious mortal man. With the release of my fangs from his neck, he braced himself against his hands and thrust harder. His body slammed against mine as I wrapped my legs around his waist. The blood may excite him, but it fuelled me. The need to feel more of him consumed me. I thrust back while he moved between my legs. My moves matched his speed and added to the pressure building inside of me. Apparently, his need was just as strong. He leaned back on his knees, placed his hands on my thighs and pulled them back along my body as he filled me completely, reaching
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